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Portable Toilets & Restroom Rentals

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Do you need to rent a portable toilet? Portable toilets are known by many names, such as port-a-potties, sani-johns, port-a-johns or portable outhouses. We have all seen them, whether at a fair, town event, sporting event, near a construction site or at a local party. Many situations can require portable toilet rentals. Portable toilets are an important part for any event or construction site without permanent facilities.

Construction sites are required by local and state laws to provide sanitary portable toilets that are clean and in good working condition. No matter if it is a home remodel, a new home being built or the construction of a 12-story building, portable toilets or port-a-johns are a must have. Many carnivals, town or city events will also use them when no other facilities are available, in hopes they will keep patrons around longer and in turn create more revenue.

Portable toilets are normally molded of plastic and made for a single occupant. Most companies that rent these portable toilets provide several services, from delivering the portable toilet to the site to performing any repairs to the port-a-john and pumping out the waste. Normally, once a week, they will pump out the portable toilet. Also at this time, they will clean the portable toilet with brushes and a sanitizing soap. They will also restock toilet paper, soap and paper towels if the portable toilet you rented is equipped with a sink. A portable toilet should be adequate for 10 workers that work a 40 hour week when cleaned on a weekly basis.

The cost will vary depending on location, type of unit and how long it will be needed. These 3 factors, along with how many will be using the portable toilet, will have to be known before calling. Estimates are usually free and can be obtained with a simple phone call. Be sure to ask about the different types of portable toilets they may stock. Many are not just simple portable toilets anymore. Some come with sinks, and there are trailer types and several other types as well. All your options will be explained when you call for your price quote.

Enter your zip code to find a portable toilet supplier in your neighborhood


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