For septic system installation, maintenance, repair, or pumping services, call a professional!

When do I need to call a septic contractor?

  • I need a new septic tank!
    Then it's time to call a septic contractor.
  • Someone just drove over my back yard and now my septic is not working, how do I know if I have a crushed or broken sewer line?
    You would need to call a septic contractor.
  • A tree has grown over my drain fields and now I have problems.
    That would be the time to call a septic contractor.
  • Help! My septic is backing up!
    Don't panic. Just find a septic contractor ASAP.
  • City sewer has just been installed in my area, I need to get connected!
    Then it's time to find septic contractors that are authorized to do that work.
  • Now that I am connected to the city sewer, what do I do with my old septic system?
    That's a good question to ask a septic contractor.
  • I want to build a new home!
    Find local septic contractors handle new installs.
  • I need a portable toilet!
    Then it's time to call a septic contractor that also rents portable toilets and restrooms.
  • Who can install a washing machine or an effluent filter?
    Then it's time to call a septic contractor.
  • My yard is flooded and it has not rained in weeks!
    Then it's time to call a septic contractor.
  • I just inherited a house that has a cesspool and the health department told us that we need a new septic system
    Then it's time to find a septic contractor.
  • I just walked into my back yard and there is a very bad odor that smells like sewer.
    That would be the time to call a septic contractor.
  • How do I know whether the septic tank is properly designed and large enough to serve the number of occupants of my home?
    Ask an experienced local septic contractor.
  • I was told I should have my septic tank pumped out and visually inspected every few years.
    You want to find a septic contractor that has the knowledge and experience to give you the best advice and will perform quality work at a fair price.

Services provided by septic contractors

Septic contractors can do some or all of the above services. Some septic contractors will just inspect septic tank, drain fields and pump out the solids from the tanks. Other septic contractors may just do new work, like installing tanks or drain fields or disconnecting your old system and connecting you to the city system.

Occasionally, some septic contractors may also snake drains. Then there are some septic contractors that pump and service grease traps so they keep operating properly. A few septic contractors can detect and mark lines in the ground, such as electrical, sewer, water or any other underground pipes or wires before any digging work is done.

Other septic contractors can meet the OSHA regulations requiring special equipment to safely enter and work in confined spaces. There are other septic contractors that also do waterproofing of basements. They can install or fix interior footing drains, sump holes, sump pumps, basement windows, window wells, seal foundation cracks on the interior and the exterior, chimney firebox draining and sealing holes from water, electric, sewer or well pipe entry. On the exterior these septic contractors will usually also install curtain drains, gravity drains to take the water away from low areas, dry wells for downspouts and leader drains and make connections to the city storm drain system.

There are specialized septic contractors that can rejuvenate failed drain fields by fracturing the soil with no digging or damage to the yard. They insert a hollow tube into the soil then send a blast of air into the soil creating thousands of new fissures. Another septic contractor may have a camera system, that they can run through your system to check for any damage and that the septic system is operating properly.

So as you can see, septic contractors can provide many different services or all of them and others provide even more services than what has been mentioned above. To find a nearby septic contractor to handle your project, just type in your zip code.

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